Jewellery & Silversmithing School Testimonials

"I've been a student at Studio 303 for over a year and I've found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I've created some wonderful pieces of jewellery and had a lot of fun doing it.  Ernst's knowledge if boundless and he is happy to share it and spend time guiding his students, but also allows us the autonomy to proceed with our projects as we wish.  Watching him work is inspiring - there is always something new to learn.  The atmosphere in the studio is friendly and inclusive - everyone is happy to lend advice if sought.  There is a diverse mix of people of all ages and styles and there is plenty of room for all.  There is a vast amount of specialised equipment and plenty of basic stuff to go round.  Overall, it's a really great experience."
Noela F.

"Ernst is an outstanding hands-on highly sought after jewellery teacher here in Sydney. It has been my pleasure to work with Swiss trained jeweller Ernst Pfenninger on special projects over a number of years, one of which was most complicated because of the mechanics and originality. Ernst has the rare talent of working in different mediums and can visualise a finished product immediately."
George R.

"My daughter recently attended a 10 week evening course at Studio 303 in Sydney. She learnt some great skills with Ernst which provided her with the knowledge, confidence and ability to complete her jewellery for her HSC Design & Technology major works independently. Ernst is very experienced and was able to explain steps in a clearly making it easy for her to learn and progress efficiently. My daughter is very grateful to both Ernst and Sharon for their care and support during the course. Thank you Studio 303!"
Rebecca Sinnott

"Studio 303 is a great place to learn how to make interesting and creative jewellery with Ernst, a renowned master metalsmith and Lucas, a highly awarded brilliant jeweller. There is so much to learn and it’s so nice to be able to learn at your own pace, create your own designs with the support and expertise of Ernst and Lucas. With Sharon and Ernst, the fully functional workshop is also full of wonderful and friendly students, making it a very comfortable learning and fun environment. I cannot speak highly enough of this great and collaboratively learning space. It’s so much better than any other jewellery school I’ve attended. Thank you so much Ernst and Sharon."
Angela Handley

"I have been a student at studio 303 for years now, I love that I can turn my ideas into reality and create one of a kind pieces. Ernst is a fun and extremely patient teacher who has helped me learn any new technique I wish to learn. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from a master artisan such as Ernst."
Jody Shipway

"Ernst is a true master craftsman. I have learnt so much over the past year. Ernst and Sharon make a huge effort to make sure that it is a friendly and enjoyable learning experience for all the students, which it certainly is. Many thanks to both of you. I enjoy wearing my results."
Elizabeth Johnson

"Ernst Pfenninger’s beautiful work at Studio 303 results from knowledge, experience and master skills gained over 48 years, brought to designing and making fine bespoke jewellery and precious metal objects. A natural communicator and accomplished designer, Ernst is open and sensitive to his clients’ ideas while equally always able to suggest multiple ways of achieving them. Ernst’s skills are fully supported by his partner Sharon’s business management, warm client focus and attention to detail.  How do I know this?  It's because I've been privileged to study with Ernst over the past two years.  For anyone considering studying jewellery-making and precious metal work too, Ernst's small atelier classes are without peer."
Petri Chor

"It was a great experience attending the classes. The teacher is very helpful and thorough with his explanation and the students are very supportive of each other. The environment is relaxed and conducive for students to learn and grow on his/her own time. "
Cheryll Woon

"His teaching abilities enabled me to push my skills to the next level and can't recommend highly enough his work & workshop. Legend. "
Jaz Porter

"The team at 303 are passionate about jewellery and teaching it.  Small classes and the teacher is friendly and helpful regardless of your skill level.  Highly recommended."
Matt Robertson

"I attended the 5 day intensive, a fantastic experience. Ernst & Sharon are warm & welcoming and the course was comprehensive and supportive."
Kim McClintock

"Really like going to Ernst's classes. Learning a lot and always meeting interesting and friendly classmates."
Dorit Herrmann

"The workshop classes here are fantastic! Beautiful jewellery, and expert guidance."
Rob Blackman

"From my very first day at Studio 303 I knew I was in good hands! I have never taken a jewellery class before but since I was living in Australia for 1 year I wanted to make my wedding bands with my own hands, before I returned to Vancouver, B.C to get married. I signed up and went for it. What a great decision! I learned so much from Ernst, he always would take the time, even if it meant staying back to make sure I really learned everything thoroughly. You can still see his passion for making jewellery and teaching after all these years! Not only did I learn a lot but I also made some great friends for life. Whenever you walk in the door for class, Sharon is always there to greet you and make sure you have everything you need and makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. The shop is clean and very impressive! I know from how much I learned from Ernst that I will continue to make jewellery here in Vancouver, B.C with ease.I truly recommend this course with Ernst Pfenninger if you want the best of the best Jewellery making class! "
Hayley Johnston

"I have been a student at Ernst Pfenninger's school on and off for the past 15 years. During this time I have developed a great love and respect for the art of jewellery design and production. Ernst is a teacher of outstanding skill and workmanship. The environment in which one learns is educational and inspirational yet relaxed ~ altogether an enjoyable experience which leads one into many aspects of the jewellery trade. Ernst seems to have an inexhaustible well of expertise and experience for his students to draw from... I could attend these classes till I'm 99!"
Maia Eliott

"I found the workshops with Ernst to be fun friendly and most of all educational and inspirational. His professionalism is outstanding and pieces I made at the workshops helped me to secure an apprenticeship. Well worth the money and time and definitely not to be missed."
Tyrus Shay

"For quite a few years I have been attending the Studio 303 Jewellery School, so what do I like about learning jewellery making from Ernst? Ernst is very generous with design ideas and the use of all of the tools He has an amazing breadth of knowledge about jewellery construction and silversmithing and the workshop is very well equipped to handle any project. Ernst and Sharon provide an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere and I can certainly recommend Studio 303 Jewellery School to anyone interested in learning the art of jewellery making and silversmithing."
Raimonde Maine

"Jewellery-making/silversmithing was always something I'd wanted to try so my partner bought me a term's tuition as my Christmas present. She had been a student of Ernst for years. I was nervous before going to my first class thinking I'd stuff up and set myself on fire or something. But I was blown away by how good the instruction, facilities and people are at Studio 303. It caters to everyone from brilliant long term gifted students producing amazing work to complete newbies like myself. Ernst works with you to produce something individual to yourself and your own style, a truly one of a kind piece of art. He's there every step of the way to teach and guide you through the process, building your skills through each new piece. The ability to learn from a Master Gold and Silversmith is quite a rare gift and I'm thankful to be able to learn from one of Australia's best. I've been a student for a year now and am excited to keep building new one of a kind special pieces with Ernst's help and patient guidance for years to come."
Luke Jennings

"I have loved the creative atmosphere of Ernst's studio. He encourages excellence by sharing his exceptional skills and knowledge of jewellery making. I particularly enjoyed the small group situation that allowed me to progress at my own pace developing ideas and designs into really individual pieces of work. Ernst is a patient teacher with a wicked sense of humour. He and Sharon open their workshop to students and encourage a camaraderie within the group that develops creativity and enjoyment for all participants."
Judy Muir             

"I have been a student at studio 303 for years now, I love that I can turn my ideas into reality and create one of a kind pieces. Ernst is a fun and extremely patient teacher who has helped me learn any new technique I wish to learn. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from a master artisan such as Ernst."
Jody Shipway

"I have learned a huge amount about silversmithing from Ernst who is a master craftsman. He encourages you to show initiative and try out your own ideas but is always there to give you help when you need it."

"I attended Studio 303 for approx. 8 years and enjoyed the creative atmosphere, a workshop stocked with every imaginable tool and the unrivalled experience of Ernst Pfenninger. I learnt a lot from Ernst and was able to make many pieces, with his guidance, that I am very happy to wear."
Lyn S

"I first met Ernst in 1975 and was inspired by his skill and craftsmanship as well as his teaching ability. I have always wanted to further my silversmithing experience and have been most fortunate to attend Ernst's school for nearly two years at studio 303. It is amazing to have all the equipment available to use, to be encouraged to use it and to have the guidance and support of Ernst. I find the work of the other students and their encouragement inspirational as well. I am looking forward to starting the new term next month, and would highly recommend the studio 303 school to anyone who is interested in learning how to work in precious metals!"
Tim Hamilton

"Studio 303 is a fantastic place to learn silversmithing. Ernst is technically the best lecturer I have come across in Sydney. I highly recommend the school. "
Matthew Morin

"I attended Studio 303's jewellery school for two terms. Unfortunately I had to stop going for personal reasons. Ernst Pfenninger has vast and varied experience and enjoys exploring new ideas and materials. He is an excellent tutor that guides and supports his students through their individual jewellery projects without taking over and doing the more difficult tasks for them. I also enjoyed the small size of the group classes, the generous work space and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the school. I would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in learning jewellery."
Erika Haeberle

"Ernst believes in originality and perfection. He pushes you to explore your design, expand on the theme but guides you to find the best way of achieving a professional result. I like the way the classes are kept small, assuring each one of us has ample time for questions or for help with a complex piece. I wear the jewelley I made every day because they are unique and express who I am."
Anneke MacKay - Smith           

"I have been a student at this school for the past 26 years. My longevity in this situation was solely due to the following:- 1) Ernst, the master is a fine teacher as well as being inventive and a lateral thinker. As a result learning is facilitated. I learned a great deal in this environment. 2) His studio is very well equipped and he is generous in supplying one's needs. 3) The atmosphere in the workshop is a most pleasing experience and over the years I met lovely, friendly people. 4) I have been impressed by his ability to stimulate ideas as far as design goes. All in all These are just a few of the reasons why I came to learn an stayed so long. Finally, I can strongly recommend this school to anyone interested in making Jewellery and using precious metals."
Monty Shnier. (MB. Bch, D.C.H.R.C & S, F.R.C.P.E, F.R.A.C.P.)

"I was a student of Ernst Pfenninger for a long time and enjoyed the many years I attended the classes. Ernst is always helpful and patient in his advice and I found his work inspirational. His attention to detail and precise instruction in the use of the tools made it "seem" easy to a beginner. All the skills I learnt from Ernst enabled me to do today what I love most: making jewellery ! Thank you Ernst"
Catherine Grisard

"Hi Sharon - Clinton and I are looking forward to the lesson tomorrow evening. I meant to email you last Wednesday to say a big 'thank you' for the first session. We loved it!! Interesting group, and so many ideas. Ernst was a very entertaining tutor with such an incredible depth of knowledge to share. It was awesome to escape the 'everyday' and delve into a world of creativity. Looking forward to lesson 2! "
Louise & Clinton

"I've done 2 terms at Studio 303 (1 Days and 1 Nights) with Ernst, and I really like the freedom to create anything I want. Ernst has so much knowledge from his many years of experience that he is able to help fine tune designs so I could bring them to a finished piece."
Matthew Morin

"I had the privilege of attending Studio 303 for several years. Ernst Pfenninger is a very gifted and accomplished artisan who is prepared to pass on his extensive knowledge to his students. Ernst helps his students achieve their goals in creating their own individual jewellery and make their design concepts a reality. Challenges that arise are met with calmness and ingenuity. There is no one better to inspire a love of the creative process and leave you with the belief that in the world of jewellery anything is possible."
Michelle Clarke