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'BELT BUCKLE LEATHER' sterling silver belt buckle with leather belt

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Ernst Pfenninger handmade this unique bespoke sterling silver belt buckle with a fitting handmade brown leather belt at Studio 303.  The sculptural shape is made with the repousse and chasing techniques. In the image of the back of the buckle, you can see how a small hook fits into the holes for closing the belt. The full length of the belt to the hook for the closure is 118cms.  There are no holes in the belt at present.  One could make a hole say 40mm from the end of the entire length based on the length required. 
The belt can also be cut back in length. There can be a few holes made along the length as a standard belt.  This belt buckle would look great in a casual or in a more elegant setting.  

  • Sterling silver belt buckle with a handmade brown leather belt
  • Sterling silver (925) : approx 40 grams
  • The full length of the buckle is 85mm
  • The full length of the leather belt is 118cms - no holes at present
  • One-off
  • Handmade
  • Hallmarked
  • Designer's logo

Dimensions:  buckle 85mms, leather belt to the end 118cms

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"Amazing craftsmanship, unique and beautiful pieces."

Marcel Gomez (Wedding ring)

"Ernst is a most innovative and modern jewellery designer. I had no idea as to what could be made with my opal, however Ernst was able to make a unique design.  He was able to use my simple free form opal that I purchased in Coober Pedy to create a dazzling accessory."

Jo Butler (Pendant)