"PERIDOTS' 750 (18kt) yellow gold earrings and peridots

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Ernst Pfenninger handcrafted these unique 18kt yellow gold earrings with sparkly green peridots at Studio 303.  These elegant earrings are very easy to wear for any occasion.  If you love green and enjoy the number of outfits these earrings will compliment they are a great choice.  Peridots are one of the only gemstones that occur in one colour.  They are associated with strength and balance.  It is believed they bring peace, health, and rest as a great harmony for mind and body. 

These earrings can be made with different gemstones or diamonds.

  • Yellow gold peridot earrings
  • 750 (18kt) yellow gold : 3.1 grams
  • 4 Peridots 3.5mm diameter
  • Posts and butterflies 750 (18kt) gold
  • Bezel set
  • Chenier setting Peridots
  • Wire 1.2mm & 1.3mm for the arch 
  • Handmade
  • Hallmarked
  • Designer's logo

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"Amazing craftsmanship, unique and beautiful pieces."

Marcel Gomez (Wedding ring)

"Ernst is a most innovative and modern jewellery designer. I had no idea as to what could be made with my opal, however Ernst was able to make a unique design.  He was able to use my simple free form opal that I purchased in Coober Pedy to create a dazzling accessory."

Jo Butler (Pendant)